Watch Bear Grylls Online

Bear Grylls episodes are always good for a laugh, in his role as the infamous man versus wild. Some people say Bear Grylls is a fake, some say he's a hero. We say make your own mind up an Watch Bear Grylls here doing what he does best. Watch the best and grossest bits from his shows on our favourite selection of you tube clips

Watch Bear Grylls eating a giant larva

This is pretty sick, and we don't mean the good sick. Watch Bear Grylls eat this thing when it is still alive and wriggling. Not for those who have a weak stomach. You have been warned.

Watch Bear Grylls eating a fish

Yes you guesed it. He not going to cook it. In fact the poor fish is still very much alive when you watch Bear sink his teeth into it.

Watch Bear Grylls enema

Bear explains how this can save your life in a last resort situation.

Watch Bear Grylls Bee Sting

Here you can watch the Bear and the bees, with an amusing outcome.

Watch Bear Grylls Man Vs Wild ad

Watch this cool Bear Grylls TV trailer

Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls Returns - 1/12 on...

Watch Bear Grylls eat Ox eyeball

Yes another classic gross out moment when bear grylls eats the eyeball from a dead ox.


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