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Sometimes you see reviews of products with peoples names on them and it's just celebrities cashing in, but these survivor trousers really are different. You can tell that Bear Grylls has had some real input in the design and development of this product. They have countless advantages over other survival trousers or combat pants. Obviously, they won't keep you alive if you're attacked by a great white shark but you could actually swim in them if you had to as they are lightweight, dry really fast and even come with a watertight dry bag to keep your valuables in. They really come into their own when in the hotter climates with the SolarDry UV protection, built-in insect repellent and anti-bacterial treatment. These pants are aptly named as they could literally be the difference between being a survivor or never coming home.

Survivor Trousers reviews

"Well worth the hype!
These pants are the best outdoor trousers I have ever owned. I must admit that at first, I thought they were over priced due to Bear Grylls name being on them, but now that I've tested them out I must say that they are well worth the hype."

Review by Gary Simpson in South Wales Dec 29th 2010

"Tough and Durable!
I ordered these pants and wear them to work. I absolutely love them. They are extremely comfortable and look good. My job is with a garage and requires that I crawl around on the floor. So I need to wear pants that are tough and durable. Looking forward to hiking in them this spring also. "

Review by Danny Ivor, Jan 11th 2011

Simply awesome pants Bear! I wear these all the time for walking, fishing and climbing. The stretch panels are wicked"

Review by Ant Sheffield Jan 3rd 2011

"Bear Grylls Trousers Rock!
I love these Bear Grylls Survival Pants! They're great for any outdoor activity but I also love wearing them around the flat too as they're way comfy man. At the risk of sounding too domesticated, a great feature is that the don't need ironing at all!. But back to man talk, these combat pants are bad ass, ESPECIALLY for running around in the wild! "

Review by Raul Sanchez.,Mar 2011

"Survivor Trousers are the best!
I love these Bear Grylls Trousers! They're the best pants ever. I love wearing them in the wild and they never let me down! "

Review by Dave Gibbon.,April 16th 2011

"Bear Grylls pants!
Bear Grylls Survival Trousers are way cool. I wear them all the time, well not in the sack dude! "

Review by Art Sanderson. , may 18th 2011

"Bought 4 pairs of these trousers!
I wear a 36, but was worried about the size, so I got a 38. They fit really good. There's a waterproof plastic bag for puting valubles/electric items in, inside one of the leg pockets which was a great idea not many pants have that I'll bet. Anyway I'm looking forward to having some wicked adventures in these trousers! "

Review by Ed Shepton. , June 2nd 2011


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